RunCommands can be installed from PyPI in the usual ways:

  • poetry add runcommands
  • pip install runcommands
  • Add runcommands to the project’s pyproject.toml
  • Add runcommands to the project’s Pip requirements file
  • Add runcommands to install_requires in the project’s

The latest in-development version can be installed from GitHub:

pip install


To install the project for development:

git clone
cd runcommands
poetry install


poetry must be installed first.

Console Scripts

On installation, a handful of console scripts will be installed:

  • Main: run, runcommand, runcommand
  • Completion: runcommands-complete

Shell Completion


Only Bash and Fish completion are currently supported.

Copy the completion script from the source distribution into ~/.bashrc, ~/.config/fish, or some other file that you source into your profile. Make sure you source the completion script after initially copying the completion script.

Alternatively, if you’ve cloned the RunCommands repo, you can run install-completion from the project directory.