Defining Commands

Commands are defined like so:

from runcommands import command

# Pull in some pre-defined commands
from runcommands.commands import copy_file, local

def hello(name=None):
    """Greet someone (or the whole world)."""
    if name:
        print('Hello,', name)
        print('Hello, World')

Listing Commands

Once some commands are defined (and/or imported), they can be listed on the command line like this:

> run -l
RunCommands 1.0a28

Available commands:


For detailed help on a command: runcommands <command> --help

Showing a Command’s Help/Usage

Help for a command can be shown like this:

> run hello --help
usage: hello [-h] [-n NAME]

Greet someone (or the whole world)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -n NAME, --name NAME

Note that the hello command’s docstring is shown too.